Monday, 23 March 2015

Mad Mondays - Your Time To Shine - Call For Volunteers

TORONTO - Calling all mad folks.  The time is upon us again this year to organize and develop the Toronto MAD PRIDE 2015 celebrations and festival taking place this year July 9th - July 12th, 2015.

This is the year you can shape and craft the event and help organize the event to make 2015 the best year ever for MAD PRIDE.

Do you identify as a mad person, volunteer, artist, craftsperson, comedian, mental health advocate, consumer, survivor, ex-patient, Anonymous, student, poet, academic, scholar, musician, crazy, neutral, zine editor or anyone else interested in shaping this year's MAD PRIDE celebrations?

Join us EVERY MONDAY EVENING @ 6:15pm at 805 Bloor Street, Toronto (Offices of Houselink Community Homes) to plan and develop this year's agenda.  RSVP @ or send us a tweet @MadPrideCanada to talk to us and share your ideas for this year's festival.

Follow @MadPrideCanada on Twitter

TORONTO - In anticipation of another great year of Mad Pride, we've launched a new Twitter account @MadPrideCanada.  Send us your news, comments, rants, hopes, fears, volunteer thoughts, proposals, ideas (good, bad or whatever).  Follow us and engage us using hashtag #MadPride.

This year Mad Pride in Toronto is scheduled to take place July 9th - July 12th.  Will this be the year you get Mad with us?